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ESSA 2009

Thank you very much for attending ESSA 2009 at Guildford and making it a great success.

After the revolution!

Computer simulation is a powerful tool for helping us understand aspects of society (both observed and in the abstract). However, how best to do this and under what conditions it is useful are still open questions.

Senate House lawn

The 6th European Social Simulation Association Conference will, like its predecessors, attract the best papers from across the world, describing the newest and most significant social simulation work. The papers will cover a wide range of social subjects: human, animal and artificial, and apply a wide range of simulation techniques. The methodology and, indeed, the very nature of the enterprise will be discussed and debated. The simulations described will go from the extremely abstract to the most specific and practical. Results and ideas from social simulation are starting to inform real life decisions (for good or ill) and there will be, no doubt, considerable discussion about this. A hot issue will be how and when one should compare a simulation to evidence.

Social Simulation seems to be at a "tipping point" between revolutionary and normal science where it is trying to introduce more care and rigour into its methods. Come participate in the formation of a new science!

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We are indebted to the following for their generosity in helping to support ESSA 2009.



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