Models and Mathematics in Life and Social Sciences (MILES)

Nigel Gilbert, Rebecca Hoyle (Maths), Paul Krause (Computing), Johnjoe McFadden (Microbial Sciences)

This project, worth nearly £800,000 over three years aims to stimulate new collaborations within the University between mathematics, computing, the physical sciences and engineering and the life and social sciences. It plans to generate new research projects from the collaboration and hopes to support greater interaction across the discipline boundaries that will be sustainable in the longer term.

The project, which is led by Dr Rebecca Hoyle (Maths) with Professors Nigel Gilbert (Sociology), Paul Krause (Computing) and Johnjoe McFadden (Microbial Sciences) will have 'modelling' as its theme, exploring the ways in which models inform the development of knowledge in science, social science and even the humanities. There will be a particular focus on the exchange of ideas and modelling approaches between the life and social sciences.

The EPSRC funds will support a wide variety of activities across the University, all aimed at helping interesting discussions and collaborations to flourish, including multidisciplinary workshops and networking events, a visiting scholar programme, sandpits and funding for feasibility studies. The project will be administered as part of the University's Institute of Advanced Studies and will start at the beginning of the 2010/11 academic year.

Funding: EPSRC

Duration: March 2010 to February 2014