FutureDAMS is an interdisciplinary research consortium working to improve the planning and governance of integrated water-energy-food- environment systems. The project is developing the knowledge base, tools and approach to enable system interventions to better support resilient and sustainable development in a warming world. FutureDAMS is an £8 million project, funded by RCUK as part of the Global Challenges Research Fund. The programme is led by The University of Manchester (Global Development Institute) and the International Institute for Environment & Development (IIED) and is a consortium of over 30 researchers. The project runs until December 2021.

For a description of our work in the FutureDAMS project, see http://www.futuredams.org/social-simulation/ 

Principal Investigator: David Hulme, Executive Director of the Global Development Institute, The University of Manchester
Research Director: Julien Harou, Chair of Water Engineering, The University of Manchester
Capacity Director: Jamie Skinner, Principal researcher, Natural Resources, International Institute for Environment & Development
Key project partners:
Our interdisciplinary team is made up of research institutions from across the UK, as well as the case study regions in East Africa, Ghana, Myanmar, Jordan and India.
UK based: