Evolution and Resilience of Industrial Ecosystems (ERIE)

ERIE will address a series of fundamental questions relating to the application of complexity science to social and economic systems. The programme aims to embed cutting-edge complexity science methods and techniques within prototype computational tools that will provide policymakers with realistic and reliable platforms for strategy-testing in real-world socio-economic systems.

The ERIE programme is a £4.2 million research venture funded by the EPSRC, involving investigators from the Departments of Sociology, Mathematics, and Computing and the Centre for Environmental Strategy.

Using mathematical and computational approaches we will model the layered, nested, multiscale systems of two case studies: "The Development of an Industrial Ecosystem on the South Humber Bank, North Lincolnshire" and "Resilient Food Supply Chains to Support Food Security and Global Sustainable Development".

The vision is to provide models of multi-level socio-economic systems that are useful for decision-makers aiming to 'steer' towards policy-relevant goals.

ERIE project is part of the Complexity Science for the Real World Group (CSRWG)