Computational Social Science and Social Computer Science: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Tina Balke

This workshop brings together experts from the social sciences, humanities and behavioural sciences with social simulation specialists and computational model builders. It focuses on artificial sociality rather than intelligence and tries to address the following two points in particular:

  1. The operationalisation of human behaviour in realistic settings (where perfect rationality is not applicable anymore), as well as
  2. The Investigation of the interplay of bottom-up and top-down approaches to study complex systems.

The workshop aims to lead the way to a research agenda that can harness the power of social science theories for the modelling community in a more thorough way than was hereto possible, aided by advances in computer technology and modelling experience. We invite contributions from all research disciplines that:

  1. Describe social science theory-inspired computational models of human behaviour in realistic settings, or
  2. Present theories of human behaviour in computational form, or
  3. Examine models focussing on computational social science, social computer science and the relation between the two.

The workshop aims to provide a meeting point for researchers with the aim of facilitating future interactions and research.

Funding: IAS, University of Surrey

Duration: 23-24 June 2014