Yorgos Chalkias

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Yorgos Chalkias has joined the CRESS team from his Masters degree in Industrial Ecology at TUDelft and Leiden University (The Netherlands) while he completed his undergraduate studies in “Environmental and Natural Resources Management” at University of Ioannina (Greece).

Yorgos has a particular interest in the theoretical and practical aspects of interdisciplinary research as applied in socio-ecological contexts. His efforts concentrate in finding the best way to conceptualize and understand such systems. To this end, he adopts a generative approach, viewing both "natural" and "man-made" systems as complex adaptive networks and uses agent-based models as virtual petri dishes where such complex systems can be explored.

However, in his current work, Yorgos seeks to operationalize science in the decision-making and managing arena. His PhD focuses on using agent-based modelling as a platform for optimizing the communication of knowledge across disciplines and between researchers and stakeholders. In doing so he employs participatory and collaborative approaches of model development and use.