Valentine Seymour

BSc (Greenwich), MSc (Queen May), PhD (UCL)

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Valentine has a BSc (Hons) and MSc in environmental sciences and a PhD from University College London (UCL) exploring the interrelationships between human health and the natural world. She has also worked at UCL and EarthWatch as well as more recently at City, University of London working with the UK National Clinical Audits and the NHS.

Valentine’s research interests focus on the interface between human health, policy and the natural environment, more specifically the inter relationships between various stakeholder groups and the natural environment.

Valentine is a Research Fellow at CRESS, Department of Sociology, University of Surrey where she is working on the ANTICIPATE (Actively anticipating the unintended consequences on air quality of future public policies) project. The project will bring together policy makers and various stakeholder groups to review forthcoming policy initiatives for their consequences for air quality.