Thomas Roberts

BA (Keele), MA (Manchester), PhD (UCL)

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Tom Roberts has a BA (Hons) Sociology, Criminology and Social Anthropology from Keele University, an MA (Research Training) Development Studies, University of Manchester. and a PhD in Geography from University College London.  He then worked at the Tyndall Centre, Manchester and at the University of Kent.

My research lies at the interface between the natural and social worlds, more specifically I am interested in the inter relationships between various stakeholder groups and the natural environment.

My work to date has focused on the impact that public perceptions and understanding of environmental interventions, such as the designation of a protected area or introduction of a low carbon energy initiative, can have on their development and implementation. A strong theme running through all my research relates to the importance of developing governance structures and policies that allow stakeholders to fully understand proposed developments and input their ideas and concerns. In particular, I am interested in exploring the way social capital can be used to strengthen communities and encourage participation in environmental decision making.

My research utilises a range of qualitative research methods, including semi-structured interviews, focus groups, citizen panels and observation, to explore public understanding and perceptions of environmental interventions.