Mohamed Abouelela

PhD (Surrey)

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Mohamed has recently begun study for his doctorate on ' Social Integration and Workplace Segregation: A Simulation Study', supervised by Katherine Tyler and Nigel Gilbert. The proposed research aims to study the reciprocal relationship between composition (ethnic, racial and/or religious) of workplaces and integration of social networks of different societal groups, and how they change over time. The research aims to develop a multi-agent simulation model for the process of matching workers to jobs through referral hiring. The model is used to examine a number of questions: How social network structure and composition affect/are affected by composition of workplaces? What is the effect of level of segregation of population's social network? What is the effect of the structure of job information flow? Firm's size? And what are the effects of the relative sizes of minority and majority groups. The simulation model is validated against primary empirical data collected from a sample of employers and workers in Egypt. The research is funded by the Ministry of Higher Education, Egypt.