Kristrún Gunnarsdóttir

BA (University of Iceland); BFA (California Institute of the Arts); MSc & PhD (Cardiff University)

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I am a CRESS Research Fellow, working on the ESRC-funded project, HomeSense: digital sensors for social research, and the EC-funded project, CANDID. My background covers conceptual/visual ICT designs, IT administration and development, philosophy and sociology, including a Masters of Science in social science research methods and a PhD study in ethnomethodology in reference to CSCW, activity and cognitive theories. I spent five years following the completion of my doctorate, working on FP7-funded research at Lancaster University (, Epinet, ICTethics and Technolife, all of which were case-based investigations into the ethical, legal and socio-economic implications of new-emerging ICTs, as well as of public perceptions and issues of futuring in relation to innovation policy development and governance.

My research interests in ICTs fall broadly into two topical areas: 1. The relationship between - and interdependence of - computational functions and subtle human judgement in meaning-making, decision-making, in action, etc., and, 2. Socio-technical analysis and assessment of ICT-driven innovations and visionary work, public engagement, policy and governance programmes.