Betheney Wills

BSc (Plymouth), MSc (Exeter)

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Betheney Wills is a trained Marine Biologist. She has a BSc in Marine Biology and Oceanography from Plymouth University and a Master of Science in Aquatic Biology and Resource Management from Exeter University.

Whilst working for the National Lobster Hatchery Betheney undertook her MSc research project. This project was on container culture as a stock enhancement technique for the commercially important European Lobster. To ensure the project was a success Betheney gained support and co-operation from academics, conservation charities and their volunteers, local fishermen, harbour authorities and governmental departments.  The project was published in Aquaculture journals and remains a success due to continued multi-disciplinary support.

Betheney has most recently been employed as a Marine Biology technician for Southampton University. This role involved supporting scientific research in the aquarium and as crew on research vessels. The role also involved educating at many levels including school groups.

Betheney is now using her skills within and passion for the marine environment to study for a PhD at the University of Surrey. The PhD “DEFRA Marine Pioneer: co-designing an evaluation framework” will look at a local level for innovative ways to sustainably protect the marine environment for the future.