Ananya Mukherjee

PhD; M.Env, M.A.

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Ananya Mukherjee is an Environmental Sociologist with a background in the human dimension of environmental issues especially sustainable development issues. Her research interests lie in examining how natural capital can be created and conserved using an inter-disciplinary approach to understand complex biodiversity, climate change and other environmental systems often working with communities using various participatory approaches including adaptive ethnographic techniques to engage with various stakeholders to understand individual and group psychology of communities and the complex social systems they are embedded in. She is also the Trustee of The Wildlife Trust (Beds, Cambs, Northamp) and spends her free time advising on community and stakeholder engagement for biodiversity conservation and other related issues such as community gardening and organic vegetable growing work. 

She is currently working as a Research Fellow: Enhancing Sustainable Biogas Communities through Social Innovation, a Horizon 2020 EU funded project using her community based conservation knowledge and development background to progress the stakeholder engagement, developing the evaluation strategy alongside promoting the idea of community biogas, co-designing business planning processes between regional stakeholders and the rest of the project using social innovation tools from different project partners. She is also interested in the concept of the circular economy and the systems thinking approach required to bring about systems change in a holistic way.

She has become a member of IUCN-CEC and is promoting systems thinking to address complex biodiversity issues.

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