Alastair Gill

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Alastair Gill is Research Fellow on the Quality Collectives project. Alastair's research examines the interaction of technology with the social processes of communication and collaboration. In particular, his work focuses on language processes in the expression and perception of characteristics such as personality, emotion, trust and group formation. Before joining CRESS, Alastair was Post-doctoral Research Scientist at the Center for Technology and Social Behavior, Northwestern University (with Professors Justine Cassell and Darren Gergle) and Faber Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at LEAD-CNRS, University of Burgundy, France (with Professor Robert French). He has also worked as a consultant for London social media company Ryan MacMillan. Alastair received his Ph.D. in Informatics from the University of Edinburgh in 2004 (advised by Professor Jon Oberlander), which he took following the Edinburgh M.Sc. programme in Cognitive Science and Natural Language. His B.A. was in English Language and Literature. Alastair's strongly interdisciplinary work has led to publications in venues ranging from Personality and Individual Differences and Discourse Processes, to the ACM's CHI and CSCW conferences. Additionally his research focusing on corpus and computational linguistics techniques has led to a chapter in the forthcoming book, Advanced Methods for Behavioral Research on the Internet (APA Publications). His research has been covered by the press, including the BBC, Guardian and Times Higher Education Supplement. When opportunities permit, Alastair enjoys spending time in the mountains and travelling. More information about Alastair, his research and publications can be found on his webpage.