Scaling-up Companion Modelling for Water Resource Management in a Mekong Sub-Basin

The Challenge Program on Water and Food-Mekong project on ‘Companion Modelling at the Sub-Basin Scale’ implemented two complementary forms of scaling-up activities in a Mekong sub-basin in Lao PDR: a “stream up-scaling” that brought together land and water users from downstream, upstream, and managers of hydropower dams; and an “institutional up-scaling” that brings together decision-making stakeholders from different sectors and scales of management within the Mekong River basin. I will present the preliminary strategies, processes and tools implemented in this project towards achieving lasting impacts for environmental management and empowerment at both the local and national levels. This includes a learning-by-doing process of Companion Modelling, a participatory role-playing game and an accompanying computer model.

Monday, 14 July, 2014 - 12:30 to 14:00
Paolo Campo
Presenter(s) biography: 

Paolo Campo is a research fellow in the ERIE Project.