Researchers Life Made Easy - Tools Used within CRESS

Unlike our usual seminars, this is an informal session to share knowledge about the tools that people use to support their research process. The idea - in each seminar – is to have various people present one or more tools used for the same purpose. These presentations should not be long, but rather give a 5-10 minute short introduction to the tool explaining what the tool can be used for and how it benefits your work. We will also be asking who has experience with either the tools presented or other similar tools. The overall aim of this exercise is to help to get an overview of the jungle of tools out there as well as to indicated who in CRESS can help with which tools so that you know who to approach when you need to do something new. These are the suggestions for the first session:

  • Network Analysis Tools (Jennifer Badham)
  • Latex Extensions (Tina Balke)
  • Version Control Systems (David Rozas)
  • Reference Managers: Mendeley (David Anzola Pinzon, Peter Johnson)


At the end we will also discuss what other tools people would like to present or see presented. Possibilities include: statistics, qualitative data analysis etc.

Tuesday, 28 May, 2013 - 12:30 to 14:00
Jennifer Badham, Tina Balke, David Rozas, David Anzola and Peter Johnson
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