Isobenefit Urbanism

Each of us, when deciding how, when and where to go in our daily citizen lives, take part in the larger phenomena of shaping cities. In turn, the change of cities influences the above decisions. Inside the isobenefit urbanism approach, which aims to offer "morphologically socially" equal cities, we define psycho-economical distances which drive us to choose one path instead of another in order to reach amenities and places within cities, as well as to decide where to reside and work, as long as we can choose. The change of city structures and of personal preferences/needs imply a change of the isobenefit city landscape which is the map of the benefit given from amenities and which depends from the benefit you receive when you are directly enjoying amenities and from how this benefit flows throughout the city.

Monday, 16 June, 2014 - 12:30 to 14:00
Luca D'Acci
Presenter(s) biography: 

Luca D'Acci is an urban studies scholar; he researched in Italy, in the UK and in Brazil.