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This is the wiki of the

Centre for Research in Social Simulation

Most pages are private to members of CRESS, who can login here and then enter the private area.

For more information regarding CRESS projects and publications, please visit the CRESS website.


CRESS seminars are held regularly during the semesters, at 12:30 in 23AD04. The programme is here.


  • 30/03/10, Congratulations to Dr Lynne Hamill! The examiners (Professor Mike Batty, UCL, and Dr Kate Burningham) are recommending that Lynne Hamill's thesis, on 'Communications, Travel and Social Networks since 1840: a study using agent-based models', should be recommended for the award of a PhD, subject to some (very) minor corrections.Lynne defended the thesis with aplomb and displayed a wide ranging knowledge of topics going well beyond the material in the thesis. The examiners congratulated her on a 'very good piece of work'.
  • 18/09/09, Congratulations to Dr Mohemed Abdou! The examiners, Professor Klaus Troitzsch (Koblenz) and Dr Jane Fielding, have recommended the award of a PhD, subject to some very minor corrections. The thesis was an examination of the implications of workplace segregation between Muslims and Copts in Egypt, studied by means of agent-based simulation.
  • 14/09/09, CRESS welcomes Akinobu Sakata, visiting student from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan.
  • 09 - 16/08/09, CRESS had a wonderful holiday in La Ferme du Soleil, a holiday chalet on the Alps in France. Most of its members developed their passion for mountain hiking, cold water swimming and an extreme sport - paragliding! In addition, CRESS produced its special edition recipe book (PDF version or animated version) to memorize the delicious food they've enjoyed and the great time they spent together!
  • 27/07/09, Congratulations to Mauricio, who passed his PhD review with very good comments, a step closer towards the "Dr". Well done!
  • 05/07/09, CRESS had its annual BBQ next to the University lake, wonderful weather as well as people, and cute kids.
  • 03/07/09, CRESS participated the Varsity Game Day event in the Univerrsity, and won the "welly wanging"! Thanks to its Captain - Elio. But we think we got cheated on the "Tug of War" game :-( .Mitzi won the second on girls 100m race! well done!
  • 16/05/09, CRESS watched Eurovision song contest final together in the office on the 50" plasma TV. Everyone had great fun.
  • 11/05/09, Congratulations to Dr Christopher Watts, who passed the viva today at the University of Warwick!
  • 20/04/09, CRESS welcomes Alastair Gill, who is the research fellow on QLective project, researching on "Q Science".
  • 17/02/09, CRESS welcomes Atsuhiro KANZAWA, who will join us for two weeks as a visiting student. Atsuhiro is a first year graduate student at the Department of Computational Intelligence and Systems Science in Tokyo Institute of Technology. His research topic is: Evaluation of Education System Policies through Agent-Based Modelling.
  • 02/02/09, CRESS welcomes Christopher Watts, who is the research fellow on SIMIAN project, specialising on "Radical Innovation".
  • 06/01/09, CRESS welcomes its "Web and Software Developer", Richa Sabharwal, who will work on the SIMIAN project and offer IT support for CRESS members.
  • 21/12/08, Mohamed has developed a Netlogo model - "CRESSMas", based on SASSA's New Year model. CRESS wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! CRESSMas
  • 18/12/08, 'Interest rate cuts are much less effective when credit is tight', according to analysis by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) and Professor Nigel Gilbert of the University of Surrey. Read more
  • 15/12/08, CRESS threw a wonderful Christmas party, with more than 30 people from the department and faculty attended. Everyone enjoyed the food, drink and Mama Mia at the background.
  • 12/11/08, A 50" plasma TV is proudly sitting in the CRESS room! Thanks to Elio and Mauricio for the installation and heavy lifting work you've done. Thanks to Mohamed for tuning in hundreds of digital channels!
  • 30/10/2008, Congratulations to Dr Maria Xenitidou who has successfully defended her PhD thesis last week. Her PhD title is: National Identity and otherness in Greek speakers talk about immigration.
  • 26/10/2008, Congratulations to Elio Marchione, whose paper "Learning and structural properties in small firms networks: A computational agent-based model" has been published on Special issue on Entrepreneurship and Small Business Research, Journal of Research in Economics and Business. The first of many...
  • 10/10/2008, CRESS has appointed the second research fellow, Christopher Watts, for the SIMIAN project starting 5th January. Christopher will be researching on: Models of Genuine Novelty.
  • 01/10/2008, CRESS welcomes its new PhD student, Elio Marchione, who will investigate pedestrian evacuation behaviour under panic circumstances in several emergency scenarios.

Publications and working drafts

SIMIAN: Simulation Innovation: a Node