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Basic SKIN Model

SKIN (Simulating Knowledge Dynamics in Innovation Networks) is a multi-agent model of innovation networks in knowledge-intensive industries grounded in empirical research and theoretical frameworks from innovation economics and economic sociology. The agents represent innovative firms who try to sell their innovations to other agents and end users but who also have to buy raw materials or more sophisticated inputs from other agents (or material suppliers) in order to produce their outputs. This basic model of a market is extended with a representation of the knowledge dynamics in and between the firms. Each firm tries to improve its innovation performance and its sales by improving its knowledge base through adaptation to user needs, incremental or radical learning, and co-operation and networking with other agents.

SKIN is written using NetLogo 4.1. NetLogo 4.1 may be downloaded from: http://ccl.northwestern.edu/netlogo/

The NetLogo code is available here. Please see the information tab of the model for credits and permission to use and modify.