Page 13: Table 1. The Chapter numbers should be: 8 and 9 for Multi-agent systems; and 10 for Learning models (thanks to Bob Marks for finding this).

Page 245: There are three lines omitted from the code for setup-game. The correct code is:

to setup-game                ; turtle procedure.  Set up the 
                             ; three outcomes which hypothetically 
                             ; preceded the game using bits 
                             ; from the end of the chromosome
  set last-but-one-outcome 
    2 * (item (chromo-length - 6) chromosome) + 
    item (chromo-length - 5) chromosome
  set last-outcome 
    2 * (item (chromo-length - 4) chromosome) + 
    item (chromo-length - 3) chromosome
  set outcome 
    2 * (item (chromo-length - 2) chromosome) + 
    item (chromo-length - 1) chromosome


(Thanks to Simone Gabbriellini for finding this).

Page 266: The link for Genetic Programming is wrong. It should be: (thanks to Peter Jones for finding this).

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